We need a changing table bed.


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Hope this is just a starter? or diet size…

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Delicious and nutritious pork loin stir fry in 30mins

At 31weeks pregnancy, I have been feeling very tired.The past few days, the only activities that I was interested in were ‘eating’ and ‘sleeping’. Yesterday,first day back to work after the Xmas and new year break, staying productive during the working hour was a challenge.

But today I seems to have bit more energy and had the urge to do some Chinese dish.I bought about 400g pork loin from the local butcher who was very helpful. I told him that I want to do a stir fry dish, and he suggested that I get the lion instead of the stake.

To create the dish, I firstly cut the meat into 5 inches strips and it is important that you cut across the loin rather than along it,which makes the meat tender. Once finish cutting, I marinate the meat with two table spoons soy sauce, one table spoon sesame oil, two tea spoons corn flour, a pitch of thymes and mix them well.You should see a delicious shine to the meet.Leave the meat by the side for marinating.

Now, prepare the vegetables, you need two segments of garlic,chop them fine.A green peper, some chinese leaf, some celery,chop fine.You can be creative about your choice of veg,depending on what’s available in your fridge, but I do think that green peper goes realy well with the pork.
So now you’ve done the prep, and we ready to start the cooking.

Place your wok on the high heat, three table spoons veg oil, until the oil is heated, chuck in the marinated pork, keep stiring, so the meat won’t stick in the wok. chuck in garlic and continue stiring until the outside of the pork change to light pink. chuck in the peper, continue stir, then the remaining veg, pour in half pint of stock, I used chicken stock but you can veg stock, salt to season,and let the food simmer for a few minute to ensure the meat is fully cooked. finally, sprinkle two tea spoons corn flour to thicken the sauce.And it’s important to keep stiring to avoid the corn flour go lumpy.It takes another minute then your delicious pork loin stir fry is ready to taste.

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